Saturday, July 7

TOP 3!

We've finally made it to our top three! Congratulations are in order for Gossipgirl4real, --Rihanna----, and AshleyDoggett! I apologize for not being as active, I've been juggling a internship, summer classes, and family and friends time. I've also been finalizing some great prizes for the winner of Stardoll's Fashion Star Season 1(all will be announced in a few days).

I wasn't planning on publish the contestants last task here in this post, but why not?

Designers, you've all proven that you're all talented. You've designed prom dress, beach wear, and now you'll be designing a collection of 5 looks. I repeat, a collection. There should be a color scheme and the each look should be different but have elements similar to the other looks. You'll be designing fall/winter looks for fall/winter 2012. Like every fashion designer you're going to have to predict what will be trendy later this year. Within your 5 looks you must include, a trench coat, a gown, and a jumpsuit. That is not all you have to create though. The next part of your task is to create your runway and choose a song you want your models to strut their stuff to.

Good luck designer, you're all capable of great work! Since this is a mighty task, you'll be given until July 25th to complete your collection.

One last thing, if you're interested in being apart of season two of Stardoll's Fashion Star applications will be available soon! I promise season two will be bigger and badder!

Thursday, June 28

Task 4 Video

Hello everyone! As you can see I made a video instead of a post this week. Two people were eliminated and you'll be able to see everyone's design on the video. You'll also learn why there isn't a poll after watching the video.

Who was your favorite this week! Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, June 12

Task 4

Hello! So many of us are finishing up exams, and others are already out of school ready to enjoy their summer! Stardoll Fashion Star is back from it's mini hiatus and we're ready to bring the contestants a great task!

Task Four will be one of the most challenging task yet. The designers are to design a look for the beach. It can be, a bikini with a cover up, a romper, tank top with flowy skirt, what ever you want to design(must be beach wear). The challenging part will be taking one of the items used in your beach wear and making it work in another look that isn't beach themed. The second look is totally up to you. It could be haute couture, ready-to-wear, whatever comes to your mind.

Oh and guys, this week there will be a double elimination! Work hard!

-All must be submitted by June 21st
-Must submit to the Stardoll Fashion Star exclusive blog.
-Designs must be colored.
-Designs must be your original work
-You should sign your name on work.

Good luck to you all!

Task 3: Results

Hello! This pass we has been a very busy one for me. I've been studying non-stop for my final exams as I'm sure you all are, so please forgive me and my tardiness!

Let's get to the competition! So you all were ask to vote for you favorite and least favorite last week and your votes are in!

The winner with 20 votes is fashion.ashia!

Sorry I wasn't able to make the graphic this week. If I find time in my schedule I'll definitely make it.

Congratulations for being designer of the week. Now we have to eliminate someone for the competition. You all voted, and the person your sent home with 57% of the votes was...

Sorry but Designer11052 you're not Stardoll's Fashion Star. Thank you a lot for participating in our competition.

Tuesday, May 29

Task 3- LE PROJECT DESIGNS (Vote in polls)

Hello! The designers just finished task 3.

Task 3 was to design an LE design for Today's Top Trends LE Project. This gave the contestants the chance to design their own garment. Someone of the designers hit the nail on the head, and others not so much. Now it's time for you to vote for your favorite design, and who should be eliminated.

Also, due to Lige07 and JulieMariani failure to complete task 3, they will be eliminated. Sorry but neither of you are Stardoll's Fashion Star. Thanks for competing.

**When voting think... would I rush to buy this had it been sold in LE?**

(BTW: The names are listened below each image)



Good luck designers!xoxo

Monday, May 14

Elimination Two

Hello again! I've just returned from my trip to Washington D.C and now I'm ready to get this show back on the road! So, last we spoke the Designer of the Week was reveal and it was Gossipgirl4real. Her lucky prize was a graphic design of her prom dress.

Now it's time to reveal who will be eliminated and who received the most votes for Worst Design this week.

The bottom three are...


Not only was Lige07 late submitting his project, he also failed to follow this instructions. He was asked to color his design and as you can see that was not done. If that wasn't bad enough, he also received the second most votes for worst design, a week after receive the most votes.

Lovinjudas' design failed to please the audience and she receive the most vote for worst design of the week. Celebrity Judge, and owner of Big Brother Stardoll Princesslicha felt she made an great improvement, but was that improvement enough to keep her in the competition?

JulieMariani was tied with the 3rd most votes. Her dress also failed to please the audience and unfortantly no one purchased her design.

So I've spoke it over with a few retail consultants, and judges and the we've agree that the person going home is...


Though we love your effort, we weren't impress with your designs. We hope you continue designing and hopefully apply for season two. Sorry but you are not Stardoll's Fashion Star.

Until next time, xoxo

Thursday, May 10

Elimination Video Coming Soon!

I'll be out of town this coming Saturday so hopefully I'll get the elimination posted by tomorrow. In the meantime watch my newest(first) makeup tutorial feature music by Justin Bieber(Boyfriend).

Sunday, May 6

Designer of the Week is...

The votes are in and many of you have voted in the polls for the best and worst designof the week!

Votes are in and the designer of the week is... Gossipgirl4real!

As you can see Gossipgirl4real won with 50% of the votes! What a landslide! So congratulations to you, your dress has been made into a graphic and also bought by retail consultant Sarabear123. Our previous graphic designers dropped out so I made this myself, I hope you like!

Congratulations again!

Also, audience! Would you like to be the model for next week's graphic design? In the comments section congratulate the winner Gossipgirl4real, and then post your name and username! If you're a model here on Stardoll this will look good to have in your portfolio!

The eliminated contested will be revealed soon...

Follow me on twitter: @LindaPski

Friday, May 4

Contestant's Task 2! Comment & Vote!

Times up! The designers were given the task to design a prom dress that would captivate many interest. Prom is a important night for a teen and when they look back on photos in 20 years hopefully they can say, I looked amazing.

The designers were given 6 days to complete task 2, and many did a great job. Some had retail consultants interest, and others have been called too risque or too safe. What are your opinions of the designers dresses? When reviewing these prom dresses ask yourself,... "Would I be satisfied walking into a room filled with my classmates/friends in the dress?".

Vote in the polls for who you believe deserves to be the designer of the week and who should be placed in the bottom 3.










Monday, April 30

Task 2!

Hello audience!

The designers were given their 2nd task yesterday! Due to a technical difficulty the video wasn't uploaded, but I won't allow that to put the competition on hold.

For task 2 the designers were asked to design a prom dress. Prom night is one of the most important nights for an American teenager. The most important part of this night is looking great! What you're wear must be a showstopper and when you wall into that room with your peers you want to be seen!

The contestants this week are required to:

Design a prom dress
Have an understanding of what prom is.(If they aren't aware already.)
Submit their work in color

Good luck everyone!

All should be submitted by: MAY 5

Saturday, April 28

Stardoll's Fashion Star: Elimination One!

Task 2 will be post within the next day!

Monday, April 16

Vote for best and worst now!

Hello everyone! The designers are done designing their signature piece look and it's time for you all to vote!

The polls will be held on Stardoll's Fashion Star Exclusive blog(click here) and you will be able to vote for the best and worst designer of the week! You'll have until this Thursday to do so, and at that time the blog will be private again. That being said you should zoom over there right now and vote!

Also, what song should we feature in our elimination video? Post in the comments! xoxo

Wednesday, April 11

Task 1

The competition has finally begun! I've been asked dozens upon dozens of times when the competition is going to begin, and that time is now. Designer you have until April 15 to complete and submit your task, but it would be very appreciated if it was done sooner. Good luck designers, and keep in mind all the current spring trends.

Audience, on April 15th you all will be able to vote for your favorite designs and that designer with the most votes will be the winning designer of the week. Being the designer of the week save you from elimination.

Speaking of elimination, the next video will be a elimination video. One designer will be eliminated and the of the winning design of the week will be presented to you all! It will also be made into a graphic by one of our graphic designers.

Until next time, bye!

P.S. All Designers, Judges/ Mentors, and Retail Consultant/ Buyers contact me to add you to the SFS Exclusive blog.

Monday, April 9

Meet Our Judges, Retail Consultants, and Designers!

Hello, welcome again to Stardoll's Fashion Star! In this video I'll be revealing all the contestants, retail consultants, and celebrity judges!

I didn't mention this in the video, but if you're still hoping to be a designer you may still apply. I'll only be choosing two people and you must submit within the next 2 days.
Sample of your work-(please scan and upload some of your previous work)

I'm also looking for more graphic designers to design the set of Stardoll's Fashion Star! You'll also be given a free commercial(if you want). Sign up!

Graphic Designer
Sample of your work-

Thursday, April 5

New Logo and Banner!

So we've got a new logo! Help advertise our competition by placing this on your blog! Thanks to Lollypopsa, one of our graphic designers who made the banner and the logo!

Also, we still need more applications, don't forget to apply!

Wednesday, April 4

Just to clarify!

So I've received a few applications from hopeful designers via dollmail, comments section, and skype these pass two days and I've notice a few of you misunderstood the directions. Firstly you must have a blogger account to compete(if you have a gmail, all you do is log on with you gmail email and password). You must follow this blog to compete. Lastly and the most important thing, do not submit your wig designs, t-shirt stardesigns, etc. When I mentioned submit your work, I meant your fashion sketches like such:

(I just choose something randomly out of my sketch book as an example)

I hope this clears everything up for you hopeful Design Star!

If you'd still like to apply to be a fashion designer, retail consultant, media partner, or graphic designer for the blog, apply!

Monday, April 2

Apply Now!


Sample of you work- (Please scan some of your previous work)

Retail Consultants

Since this position is arguably one of the most important, why do you feel you're suitable for it?

Graphic Designer

Please attach sample of your work.

Media Partner
Please attach blog URL and Logo.

Welcome to Stardoll's Fashion Star!

Welcome to Stardoll’s Fashion Star, where 15 designers will compete to win the title of Stardoll’s Fashion Star. Along with this title, the winner will win 1000sd, blog interviews, and many more. There will be a task given weekly to all the designers to sketch an outfit following the latest trends and that could be seen in all stores around Stardoll. The winning design of the week will go from a fabulous sketch on paper, to a legit graphic by our graphic designer (click to apply!). This competition was inspired by the newest design show in the United States titled Fashion Star which premieres every Tuesday night at 11pm est on NBC. Each designer will create a design that three retail buyers(People pretending to be retail buyers for numerous stores on Stardoll), 3 stardoll celebrities judges/mentors and you, the audience will also take part in choosing the winner of the week.

How this game is play:

-Each designer will submit an outfit they designed. The outfit you submitted must come with an description of the outfit and hopefully colored, but not required. (Not the following- Stardesign, wig designs, only submit things you drew on paper.)

- Judges/Mentors will choice their favorite. Retailers will choose their favorites. I, your host will consider their favorites and create a top three for the audience to chose the winner of the week.

-Along with choosing a favorite, the mentors and retailers will also choose their least favorite. I will again, consider who they've chosen and I will create a bottom 3. When the bottom three is chosen the mentors will be allowed to save one person from the group, leaving the final decision to the retailers.

The winner of the competition will win the follow:

The title of Stardoll's Fashion Star.


Blog Interviews

& more to reveal at a later date.