Saturday, April 28

Stardoll's Fashion Star: Elimination One!

Task 2 will be post within the next day!


  1. :) Glad I was safe. whew that was close! I'll bring it on for the next challenge.

  2. The task says it contains content from UMG or EMI, so it's blocked for copyright in my country (Britain) :) Could you tell me what it says?

  3. Replies
    1. NIce to know :) If you can see it, what does it say?

  4. Sorry guys, Youtube blocked like 230 countries and allowed like 15, I'll upload it again without tagging the music!

    The eliminate contestants were I_am_Gawjus, and Supa_Star4real.

  5. I feel kinda disapointed that I'm eliminated. I had problems at home so I failed at completing this task. I just wish I had a chance to enter:/ When the stuff was sorted out it was too late to enter. Goodluck everyone anyway<3