Monday, April 2

Welcome to Stardoll's Fashion Star!

Welcome to Stardoll’s Fashion Star, where 15 designers will compete to win the title of Stardoll’s Fashion Star. Along with this title, the winner will win 1000sd, blog interviews, and many more. There will be a task given weekly to all the designers to sketch an outfit following the latest trends and that could be seen in all stores around Stardoll. The winning design of the week will go from a fabulous sketch on paper, to a legit graphic by our graphic designer (click to apply!). This competition was inspired by the newest design show in the United States titled Fashion Star which premieres every Tuesday night at 11pm est on NBC. Each designer will create a design that three retail buyers(People pretending to be retail buyers for numerous stores on Stardoll), 3 stardoll celebrities judges/mentors and you, the audience will also take part in choosing the winner of the week.

How this game is play:

-Each designer will submit an outfit they designed. The outfit you submitted must come with an description of the outfit and hopefully colored, but not required. (Not the following- Stardesign, wig designs, only submit things you drew on paper.)

- Judges/Mentors will choice their favorite. Retailers will choose their favorites. I, your host will consider their favorites and create a top three for the audience to chose the winner of the week.

-Along with choosing a favorite, the mentors and retailers will also choose their least favorite. I will again, consider who they've chosen and I will create a bottom 3. When the bottom three is chosen the mentors will be allowed to save one person from the group, leaving the final decision to the retailers.

The winner of the competition will win the follow:

The title of Stardoll's Fashion Star.


Blog Interviews

& more to reveal at a later date.

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  1. Oh gosh ... this is perfect, I'll participate for sure