Thursday, June 28

Task 4 Video

Hello everyone! As you can see I made a video instead of a post this week. Two people were eliminated and you'll be able to see everyone's design on the video. You'll also learn why there isn't a poll after watching the video.

Who was your favorite this week! Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, June 12

Task 4

Hello! So many of us are finishing up exams, and others are already out of school ready to enjoy their summer! Stardoll Fashion Star is back from it's mini hiatus and we're ready to bring the contestants a great task!

Task Four will be one of the most challenging task yet. The designers are to design a look for the beach. It can be, a bikini with a cover up, a romper, tank top with flowy skirt, what ever you want to design(must be beach wear). The challenging part will be taking one of the items used in your beach wear and making it work in another look that isn't beach themed. The second look is totally up to you. It could be haute couture, ready-to-wear, whatever comes to your mind.

Oh and guys, this week there will be a double elimination! Work hard!

-All must be submitted by June 21st
-Must submit to the Stardoll Fashion Star exclusive blog.
-Designs must be colored.
-Designs must be your original work
-You should sign your name on work.

Good luck to you all!

Task 3: Results

Hello! This pass we has been a very busy one for me. I've been studying non-stop for my final exams as I'm sure you all are, so please forgive me and my tardiness!

Let's get to the competition! So you all were ask to vote for you favorite and least favorite last week and your votes are in!

The winner with 20 votes is fashion.ashia!

Sorry I wasn't able to make the graphic this week. If I find time in my schedule I'll definitely make it.

Congratulations for being designer of the week. Now we have to eliminate someone for the competition. You all voted, and the person your sent home with 57% of the votes was...

Sorry but Designer11052 you're not Stardoll's Fashion Star. Thank you a lot for participating in our competition.