What is needed from you for this competition?

You must have an eye for fashion. You must keep in mind that for most of us it spring and we’re as customers are looks for things to wear now. If you create a large winter coat most likely you’ll be in the bottom three.
You must have a scanner to upload your drawings with your medoll’s username signed on the paper.
You are NOT needed to know how to do graphics.

Who is the host?

I, Elite-girl otherwise know as Linda is your host and owner of Stardoll’s Fashion Star.

Who are the celebrity judges?

Not yet chosen, but when I do I’ll reveal them to you all.

What is a Retail Consultant?

These are the people who will ultimate make the finale say on who goes home. They will also choose to buy or not to buy a certain design. If a design is not bought then they will be sent to the bottom immediately. 

How much time will you be given to design?

You’ll be given a week. In this time you must design an outfit that you will be able to discuss with your mentors who may suggest you do something different with your design.

What are the prizes?

The winner will be given 1000sd, the title of Stardoll's Fashion Star, and more!