Wednesday, April 11

Task 1

The competition has finally begun! I've been asked dozens upon dozens of times when the competition is going to begin, and that time is now. Designer you have until April 15 to complete and submit your task, but it would be very appreciated if it was done sooner. Good luck designers, and keep in mind all the current spring trends.

Audience, on April 15th you all will be able to vote for your favorite designs and that designer with the most votes will be the winning designer of the week. Being the designer of the week save you from elimination.

Speaking of elimination, the next video will be a elimination video. One designer will be eliminated and the of the winning design of the week will be presented to you all! It will also be made into a graphic by one of our graphic designers.

Until next time, bye!

P.S. All Designers, Judges/ Mentors, and Retail Consultant/ Buyers contact me to add you to the SFS Exclusive blog.


  1. Congratualtions to the new designers! I didn't make it but it'll still be exciting to see what the designers will come up with!

  2. THANK YOU SO MUCH Lindaaaaa!
    you're the best! i promise to do the best i can to make it to the top! :))



  3. Aw I'm so honoured to actually get placed but I don't think i'll have time anymore:/ I'll still try and enter this task thoughhh!oh+congrats to the two other designers♥


    My email for Linda.

  5. Oh sorry, I do not understand much more. You can explain it ... just for me? rs

  6. Thank u linda . (:

    my email

    xoxo . juliemariani

    1. Well I'm going to invite you to the SFS Exclusive blog just for designers and I'll try to explain it to you there.

  7. Please send me the invitation too :D
    My email:


  8. Please send me the invitation too... x))
    Here's my email:

    THANKS Linda! :D



  9. Ok, I just sent it! Check your email for the invite.