Tuesday, May 29

Task 3- LE PROJECT DESIGNS (Vote in polls)

Hello! The designers just finished task 3.

Task 3 was to design an LE design for Today's Top Trends LE Project. This gave the contestants the chance to design their own garment. Someone of the designers hit the nail on the head, and others not so much. Now it's time for you to vote for your favorite design, and who should be eliminated.

Also, due to Lige07 and JulieMariani failure to complete task 3, they will be eliminated. Sorry but neither of you are Stardoll's Fashion Star. Thanks for competing.

**When voting think... would I rush to buy this had it been sold in LE?**

(BTW: The names are listened below each image)



Good luck designers!xoxo

Monday, May 14

Elimination Two

Hello again! I've just returned from my trip to Washington D.C and now I'm ready to get this show back on the road! So, last we spoke the Designer of the Week was reveal and it was Gossipgirl4real. Her lucky prize was a graphic design of her prom dress.

Now it's time to reveal who will be eliminated and who received the most votes for Worst Design this week.

The bottom three are...


Not only was Lige07 late submitting his project, he also failed to follow this instructions. He was asked to color his design and as you can see that was not done. If that wasn't bad enough, he also received the second most votes for worst design, a week after receive the most votes.

Lovinjudas' design failed to please the audience and she receive the most vote for worst design of the week. Celebrity Judge, and owner of Big Brother Stardoll Princesslicha felt she made an great improvement, but was that improvement enough to keep her in the competition?

JulieMariani was tied with the 3rd most votes. Her dress also failed to please the audience and unfortantly no one purchased her design.

So I've spoke it over with a few retail consultants, and judges and the we've agree that the person going home is...


Though we love your effort, we weren't impress with your designs. We hope you continue designing and hopefully apply for season two. Sorry but you are not Stardoll's Fashion Star.

Until next time, xoxo

Thursday, May 10

Elimination Video Coming Soon!

I'll be out of town this coming Saturday so hopefully I'll get the elimination posted by tomorrow. In the meantime watch my newest(first) makeup tutorial feature music by Justin Bieber(Boyfriend).

Sunday, May 6

Designer of the Week is...

The votes are in and many of you have voted in the polls for the best and worst designof the week!

Votes are in and the designer of the week is... Gossipgirl4real!

As you can see Gossipgirl4real won with 50% of the votes! What a landslide! So congratulations to you, your dress has been made into a graphic and also bought by retail consultant Sarabear123. Our previous graphic designers dropped out so I made this myself, I hope you like!

Congratulations again!

Also, audience! Would you like to be the model for next week's graphic design? In the comments section congratulate the winner Gossipgirl4real, and then post your name and username! If you're a model here on Stardoll this will look good to have in your portfolio!

The eliminated contested will be revealed soon...

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Friday, May 4

Contestant's Task 2! Comment & Vote!

Times up! The designers were given the task to design a prom dress that would captivate many interest. Prom is a important night for a teen and when they look back on photos in 20 years hopefully they can say, I looked amazing.

The designers were given 6 days to complete task 2, and many did a great job. Some had retail consultants interest, and others have been called too risque or too safe. What are your opinions of the designers dresses? When reviewing these prom dresses ask yourself,... "Would I be satisfied walking into a room filled with my classmates/friends in the dress?".

Vote in the polls for who you believe deserves to be the designer of the week and who should be placed in the bottom 3.