Wednesday, April 4

Just to clarify!

So I've received a few applications from hopeful designers via dollmail, comments section, and skype these pass two days and I've notice a few of you misunderstood the directions. Firstly you must have a blogger account to compete(if you have a gmail, all you do is log on with you gmail email and password). You must follow this blog to compete. Lastly and the most important thing, do not submit your wig designs, t-shirt stardesigns, etc. When I mentioned submit your work, I meant your fashion sketches like such:

(I just choose something randomly out of my sketch book as an example)

I hope this clears everything up for you hopeful Design Star!

If you'd still like to apply to be a fashion designer, retail consultant, media partner, or graphic designer for the blog, apply!


  1. So,they don't have to be graphics?

  2. No, just your fashion sketches. Are you a fashion designer?

  3. I like scetching but I can't say I'm a proffesional. I may give it a shot though...

    1. I think you should give it a shot anyways!

  4. Linda I love your sketches! Especially that left dress...I WANT IT IN MY CLOSET!