Monday, April 16

Vote for best and worst now!

Hello everyone! The designers are done designing their signature piece look and it's time for you all to vote!

The polls will be held on Stardoll's Fashion Star Exclusive blog(click here) and you will be able to vote for the best and worst designer of the week! You'll have until this Thursday to do so, and at that time the blog will be private again. That being said you should zoom over there right now and vote!

Also, what song should we feature in our elimination video? Post in the comments! xoxo


  1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. >_> I'm pretty sure the followers are capable of strolling down O_O

      Thanks for your concern, but no need questioning my decisions.

  2. Actually, I kinda agree :( Couldn't you just show the entries in the poll post?

    lovinjudas xxx

  3. fabulous.ashia here!

    i just would like to suggest some songs
    for the elimination video...
    -->Part of Me by Katy Perry
    or Stonger by Kelly Clarkson

    and Fashion by Lady Gaga for the
    next weekly Task video... :D