Saturday, July 7

TOP 3!

We've finally made it to our top three! Congratulations are in order for Gossipgirl4real, --Rihanna----, and AshleyDoggett! I apologize for not being as active, I've been juggling a internship, summer classes, and family and friends time. I've also been finalizing some great prizes for the winner of Stardoll's Fashion Star Season 1(all will be announced in a few days).

I wasn't planning on publish the contestants last task here in this post, but why not?

Designers, you've all proven that you're all talented. You've designed prom dress, beach wear, and now you'll be designing a collection of 5 looks. I repeat, a collection. There should be a color scheme and the each look should be different but have elements similar to the other looks. You'll be designing fall/winter looks for fall/winter 2012. Like every fashion designer you're going to have to predict what will be trendy later this year. Within your 5 looks you must include, a trench coat, a gown, and a jumpsuit. That is not all you have to create though. The next part of your task is to create your runway and choose a song you want your models to strut their stuff to.

Good luck designer, you're all capable of great work! Since this is a mighty task, you'll be given until July 25th to complete your collection.

One last thing, if you're interested in being apart of season two of Stardoll's Fashion Star applications will be available soon! I promise season two will be bigger and badder!